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About Grind Romance Dance Club and Mall

Welcome to Grind, your unique Modern Romance Experience in Second Life

Construction of the platform where Grind is now located began in 1983. Located 13 miles off of the coast of the tiny island nation of Amattia, it was the brain child of Bolanivia drug lord Eduardo "The Finger" Delgado. He purchased the sea bed from the impoverished island nation in exchange for international sovereignty and began construction of a base for his drug running submarine fleet. This fleet, for two years, was succesfully able to evade capture by the government of several nations. However, at the culmination of the Drug Wars of 1988, the original platform was attacked and mostly destroyed by Coast Guard Cutter Langley and Eduardo was allegedly killed. His body was never recovered leading to speculation by many that he had survived the attack.

The platform fell into neglect, sitting for decades in the middle of the ocean with nothing but the elements as a reminder of its existence. Since the platform was still a sovereign nation, confusion arose about it's status with Amattia claiming rights over the debris. It would be years before the tiny nation decided to what to do with this unique ocean dwelling.

The Platform sat vacant for a number of years, sitting at sea like an old ghost ship until the eccentric billionaire Kyle Haammer offered to purchase the platform with a vision to create a refugee for millionaires. The impoverished Amattians eagerly accepted his offer of 722 Million dollars and Kyle set himself to work. The task of transforming the seedy history of the Grind into a legitimate operation while at the same time creating a unique playground for the very rich was accomplished with ease by the flamboyant billionare. The Grind has a full banking system, a radio station, and private shopping mall dealing in exotic goods like polar bear semen, baby elephant tusks, and dodo eggs.

After an extensive inspection and planning process in which he hired the world's best architects and designers, Kyle Ripley and his team got to work. New piles were placed in the bed of the ocean, each reaching down 80 meters to solid bedrock. The platform itself consists of poured reinforced concrete to 4000 PSI with enough rebar to build the Empire State Building 5 times. It is designed to withstand hurricane force winds of up to 200mph. Standing at a height of 40 meters above the height of the high tide it can withstand rogue waves up to 30 meters high.

Rumor has it that the endangered animal trade is conducted here as many eccentric millionaires like to collect exotic animals that are forbidden to be sold.

The club in the center - Grind, is a tribute to Riley's love of coffee. He has collected over 200 varieties in the greenhouse of flowering plants in the Rubiaceae family - otherwise known as coffee plants. The greenhouse is built in the roof of the Grind showing that Bolanivia is not just the home of cocaine, but of the world's best coffee.

Grind is about Modern Romance. Explore, relax, socialize, shop, play, dance, repeat.